Bedroom Desserts

There are few pleasures as satisfying as walking into a bakery and enjoying all the sensations that it brings.

The aroma, taste, textures and warmth that wraps you in a feeling of love. Remembering warm apple pie, or the times you've shared with your love ones in your kitchen. The special connection you share with your lover as you laugh, touch and embrace… now has carried over to the bedroom. We are excited to introduce you to our NEW line, Bedroom Desserts by Adrienne, with a passion for creating an environment to enjoy love and playfulness she reminisced of the times in life that provided the most joy, smiles and warmth. Always coming back to the kitchen… thus "Bedroom Desserts" was born. Amazing tastes and a product that will revolutionize the way we feel. Our "desserts" were created in a kitchen and brought to life to allow you to enjoy the kisses as much as the touch. As Adrienne worked with creating the incredible flavor, our chemist created a completely food grade product that allows you to enjoy it in every nook and cranny. Everything has been created and manufactured in the United States, which allows us to provide a safe and top quality product. Every single batch is taste tested by Adrienne, herself before the batch is allowed to be sold. We run small batches to maintain the highest quality available. May your day be filled with warmth, love and sweet apple pies… Love and kisses~ Adrienne XOXO


224 Esplanade, Capitola, CA 95010