My family moved to The Venetians in 1972.  I was the youngest of five children ranging from 4-11. Initially my parents purchased one unit, and their friends purchased the unit upstairs, with the intention of using it for a weekend beach house. It became harder and harder to leave. Before long my parents purchased the upstairs unit from our friends, remodeled it into one two-story unit and enrolled the kids at Capitola School. There were not a lot of people living in the Venetians in the wintertime. With the first couple rows being individually owned, we enjoyed quiet chilly winters and contrasted with the crowded warm touristy summers.

Capitola is still my favorite place in the whole world. Our family has all moved away from the area but many years later I still have dreams of our place at the Venetians. Our house was so unique. The ceilings were very low, some of our taller friends literally had to duck when coming in. We cut a hole in the floor and built a large ladder to access the upstairs. It was cozy- and great to remember a time when we were all together.

During these happy times we would have parties with our friends spilling out of all spaces. We had a wonderful life living there- despite the lack of parking. Not only was skateboarding not a crime back then, there was even a time that my brother had a skateboard ramp in the walkway!!! And we always had the best seats for the Begonia Festival. Winter storms were pretty scary but not enough for us to move away- we'd just clean it up with the help of our friends and be grateful for the minimal damage.

Family, summertime, sandy feet, Crosby Stills and Nash coming out of the windows-and the salty smell of the ocean- that's what Capitola was to me.